Picture of David Tan

David Tan M.A. Photo by Lisa Winter Photography

Welcome to the Tan Grey Space. Official blog and resource site for the philosophical approach to problem solving I have named Grey Space Thinking. This is an eclectic psychological approach to life, a life hack if you will, that incorporates a broad spectrum of mental tools drawn from philosophy, religion, psychology, linguistic deconstruction, and cognitive programming.  I have spent over two decades researching what makes someone confident and effective in the world. This site is a work in progress, as is the search for truth. By definition philosophy is the study and admiration of truth.  It seeks the good life by first helping one define it, observe it in others, and finally pursue it with intellectual vigor.  I have devoted my life to this search and cataloging the answers found therein. Even though one may never reach the penultimate truth in its final form (assuming it actually exists) he/she should attempt the search, for philosophy is something one does.  It is exercise.  

Using artistic language for a minute, I found myself in an intellectual fog, not able to see more than a few feet around me.  There was no color, no contrast, just grey. I knew the sun was out for it was light, but I could not see with any true distance.  This is the state most human beings find themselves in. This problem was my mission, to bring the sun to the fog and evaporate doubt, unbelief, indecision, and error.  It is a big task, and it is almost naive of me to think I can attack such an endeavor with any measurable success. But everyone else must attack this question for him/herself anyhow.  We cannot escape the fundamental questions we find set before each and everyone of us. We may distract ourselves with work, possessions, relationships, and achievements, which are all very important to the mental and physical health of the human being.  But these, I have found, need to serve a higher purpose. How do they all serve this purpose? How do I pull these seemingly disparate actions together to get myself out of the fog and into sunlight? That is the mission of Grey Space Thinking. This site is a chronicle of past research,  a resource of present study and experiences, and plans for progress and expansion out of the fog. Welcome to a journey to clearer thinking. It is in this mental playground that one experiments with one self as to what works and what does not.

It is my hope you will benefit from the ancient art philosophical inquiry to tackle modern problems you and many of your loved ones face every day.  Enjoy and cheers to your clearer thinking!